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Tsushin Shirokuro
United States

NAME: Tsushin Shirokuro
(take. heart. monochrome.)
AGE: 16
LIFE EXPECTANCY: Possibly 18 years, if lucky.
SEX: Female
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Chin-length blonde hair. Almost paper-white skin. Washed out blue eyes. Always wears her white hospital kimono.

Tsushin, or Tsu for short, is normally an endearingly sweet girl. She's polite to most, and very rarely doesn't get along with people. Her only real quirk is similar to her brother's- occasionally, she repeats the words "shiro" and "kuro" to herself three times, and never any other words. She's her parents' favorite child, the best sister, and acts like she's the perfect daughter. In short, Tsu is like the perfect person.

The thing is, she's a very good actress.

Honestly, she despises most people, especially her brother. She's after his heart, because hers is starting to fail out on her. There are very few people who she genuinely likes. She's cruel and scheming, killing those who she thinks could give her a better heart. She's slightly deranged, and even more so when trying to go for somebody's heart. Tsu doesn't particularly like the tests in the hospital, but she knows that they're for her own sake. She truly wants to live, if only for the sole purpose of outliving her brother.

Tsu was born, a twin sister to Kaeru. However, she had many physical weaknesses, particularly in her heart. Hers was very, very weak. This, coupled with the fact that her parents had always wanted a girl, made her the favorite child instantly. Tsu was originally the sugar-sweet girl she pretended to be, genuinely caring for most people. She even got a special music box and gave it to her then-beloved twin brother, Kaeru.

However, she turned bitter quickly when she realized that she would not live long. Upon discovering that Kaeru was expected to live longer than her, she realized that it was because of her heart. With her fractured mind, it made perfect sense. So she demanded her brother's heart.

After he refused her, Tsu became a twisted person. She wants to get her brother's heart. She has taken hearts of many, many others, most of whom she didn't even know. But she still wants his... and she intends to get it.

heart status

(you took my heart.)
(worse may come to worse.)
(i'll pretend for now.)
(the less i know you the better.)
without a doubt.
(you are simply awful.)
this is strange.
(you look like my brother.)
(oh, brother dear.)
"It's running out," Tsu whispers to the hearts in her music box, almost like they can hear her. "I'll need another one soon."

The hearts don't answer.

Of course not.

"Oh," Tsu whispers, "I think that I need to find Kaeru... maybe he's seen sense."

[GAH. SHORT JOURNAL. I just really want to say I can't believe I vanished off the face of the planet like that and I'm back now. So... ROLEPLAY. XD]

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Matryoshka-Ukim Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
Ukim looked at the girl that looked like she came from the hospital. Or at least she looked like she came from the hospital. Ukim was in the hospital once and she got in trouble when she walked in the halls with her hospital gown down the halls... Backwards.
"Why are you wearing that? Are you supposed to be in the hospital?"
Monochrome-Rin Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
Tsu blinked at the girl in front of her, once, twice, and then nodded slowly.

"I'm sick, very sick," she said quietly. "They say I'll die." A slow grin spread across her face. "But I won't, will I?"
Matryoshka-Ukim Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
Ukim had hear of really sick people in the hospital that would die. But didn't you go to a hospital to get... better?
"I don't know. I'm not a doctor,"
Masked-Devil Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
The girl clutching tightly to her katana, walked into the hospital. A girl who despised those around her, the sick, weak....things that were human. That was, until she laid eyes on Tsu. Her interest perked up, A grin slid across her face but wasn't visible from the mask.
Letting go of the Katana...
...She approached the girl.
Monochrome-Rin Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
"Kuro," Tsu whispered to herself lazily as she sat in her bed. "Kuro... kuro..."

Somehow, she knew. She knows these things. Because just as she finished whispering, the girl with the mask walked towards her.

"Oh," she said, surprised. Nobody talked to her. "Hello... that's an..." she trailed off, trying to find a good word. She settled on "...interesting mask."
Masked-Devil Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010
"Oh...?" She blinks, taking off the mask and looking at it, reveling her deep red-hateful eyes. She frowned, "Its cursed, though." Looking back up at Kuro, she showed a little evil grin. "So, what is a girl like you doing in a place like this?"
airblue Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
What a lovely profile - the only fav+ :D Thank you :)
fear-garden-rin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
{ Mm, I see I am in your relationships, but I'm in a different rp group ~ however I won't mind you interacting with Reina. Feel free ~ }
Monochrome-Rin Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
[WAIT. disregard the last post, I just put in the wrong name. ;u; sorry for the confusion and my inability to type]
fear-garden-rin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
{ haha it's fine !
feel free to rp with her ~ i won't mind another yandere for reina to have friends with ;D }
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